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    Serving Branford, CT & Surrounding Connecticut Communities

    Since 1999, Bartenders Express and our associated vendors have been providing quality private bar, catering, and event services throughout the state of Connecticut. We have served weddings, corporate celebrations, and anniversaries, as well as family events and holiday celebrations enjoyed in the privacy of their own homes. All these events received the same personalized touch based on the individual requests of each and every client. Call us today and let us help make the planning of your event stress-free from beginning to end.

    There are a few good reasons why you should hire a bartender or waitstaff for your event. Good bartenders can serve with speed and accuracy, with a great personality in order to manage their event efficiently, all while making sure that each guest feels they have received personal service. A good, personable, bartender can take all the worries out of serving cocktails to your guests, allowing you to mingle and enjoy your own party. Your bartender will know exactly how to properly make a variety of traditional, signature, and specially requested cocktails. Your guests will be pleased to receive their favorite cocktail just the way they like it! The bartender sets everything up in plenty of time before the arrival of guests and is ready for service. This frees you and your family up to greet your friends and family with full attention. A good bartender is also on top of keeping their area tidy during the party so that there are not empty glasses and bottles strewn about. At the end of the event, the bartender helps to clean up. We provide you with experienced bartenders, that can make great drinks, and we eliminate the possibility of people over-serving themselves at an open, self-serve bar. You will also save money by having liquor poured with correct portions, saving on liquor costs. A good bartending service will help you decide on what the best choices are for you to purchase based on your individual preferences and those of your guests. Based on their past experiences, your bartending service can end up saving you money on soft drinks, beer, wine and hard alcohol. Having Bartenders Express handle your waitstaff duties will also save you from worrying about dinner or buffet set-up, cleanup and monitoring guests requests. All these things allow you to enjoy a stress free event, and enjoy your guests.

    Bartenders can be trusted to serve responsibly, and they can spot someone who has been served a bit too much and use their past experience and training to cut someone off discreetly. This always saves the host from having to deal with any embarrassment or conflicts during the event. Bartenders will also take care of all issues concerning service to minors.

  • Bartender & Waitstaff & Cookstaff

    Staff will be on hand to you and your guests for the length of your event and billed at an hourly rate or negotiated flat fee. Bartenders gratuity can be handled either with a tip jar during the event, or with direct payment after the event. Waitstaff is billed with a 20% gratuity. Allow a one to one and a half hour minimum for set up and 30 minutes for clean up. All prices are subject to change without notice.

    Hourly Rates are $45.00 per hour per bartender/server, and $35.00 per hour per barback. $5.00 per hour additional charge may be added for travel. Other discounts may apply, such as for larger parties or preferred venues, so please inquire for a quote.

    We recommend 1 bartender for every 75 guests, with barbacks for larger parties to minimize any breaks in service.

    All of our bartenders will arrive with the following: shakers, ice scoop, corkscrew, bar towels, bottle opener, can opener, bar napkins, pourers to fit 750ml bottles, strainer, paring knife, and cutting board. Any specialty requests are the responsibility of the host to provide or request.

    A minimum of two (2) six (6) foot tables are required for optimum service.

    We have male and female bartenders and can guarantee a preference only with advanced booking.

    We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, personal checks, and PayPal, with a 10% deposit required at contract, and the balance due 7 days in advance of event unless negotiated otherwise. Both parties reserve the right to cancel this agreement without obligation upon written notice to the other no later than 7 days previous to the event. If the purchaser cancels the agreement after that date for any reason, the purchaser will be required to pay any balances owing in full.

    Balances not paid which are due the day of the event are subject to a $25 per day service fee for each day unless otherwise negotiated.

    A returned check fee of $30 will be implemented for all returned checks.

    All bartenders and servers wear back shirt and black pants, but this can be discussed at contract based on customer preference.

    As the host, you are ultimately responsible for all your guests. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to any of your guests, who in our judgment, have had too much to drink or are under the legal age. All of our bartenders and servers carry general liability, as well as liquor liability insurance. A Certificate of Insurance will be provided upon request, and some extra liabilities may be provided for an additional charge


  • Please note that during this time of global pandemic, Bartenders Express continues to follow all federal CDC, state, and local safety guidelines, including:
    Masks and Gloves on Staff
    Hand Sanitizer Readily Available
    Cleaning All Service Surfaces
    6 Foot Distance Maintained From Guests

  • During prime Summer and holiday schedules and most weekends, our office is not always open and access to email and internet is extremely limited. If you have a matter that is time sensitive or needs immediate attention, direct phone contact is recommended to address any questions or concerns about your event.